_Hi, welcome to The Suzpense!

You have now entered a people-powered art. We are based in Bali we’ll help you to express your art .Here you’ll find products inspired by the beauty of art . The Suzpense was founded on the fact that art isn’t just made for enjoyed but it can be use. You can choice your own art for your jacket or shoes.Personal choice is the most important decision a brand can never make.

What is “Thesuzpense ART” ??

The suzpense is one of the brands engaged in the field of “Fashion Designer Traditional Art”, most of which in the movement of its production using “Paint”, and Jacket jeans / denim, shoes, as a medium or material for making them by using Customize Art or Custom design.

What is “Custom Design” ??

Custom itself comes from the complete word “Customize” which means to adjust. Make or change something according to the needs of the customer, user or specific specifications of the interested person.
The definition of Custom itself is the same as Custom made which is a product made specifically based on the order and the wishes of the buyer. Custom made itself is different from ready stock items, custom made will only be made if there are prospective buyers who book or order in advance and after discussing the customization to be made.

Materials and Tools

The tools and materials needed are all in terms of customization in The Suzpense starting from the brush which consists of 2 types, namely the Pagoda Brush and the Eterna Brush, then there are paints that we made specifically by ourselves without any interference from the outside brand paint. Then there are painting tools that are often found, such as pallets, canvas varnishes, etc., and the last thing needed to speed up the manufacturing process when customizing is Hairdryer, functions as a paint dryer so that it does not last for a long time, and in order to proceed to the stages next.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

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